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IT Manager, Cloud Computing Expert – Resume

Antonio AngelinoAntonio Angelino

IT manager with 12+ years of IT experience, including 7+ years of IT management experience in System Design, Development and Implementation. Analyze and choose best technologies to achieve company goals. Handle teams that are physically present or off-shore whether they are outsourced or permanent. Excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

Cloud Computing Engineer  (DevOps) with experience in design and implementation of complex infrastructures using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Openstack, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and VMware vSphere.

Software Engineer with experience in Object Oriented requirements definition and analysis (respecting IEEE standards), software architecture, software design and development, various software languages (including but not limited to JAVA SE and EE, Scala and C++) and scripting languages (PHP, Python, Javascript).

Database Engineer with experience in design, development and management of relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non-relational (MongoDB, CouchBase, Redis) databases.

Specialties: IT Management, Cloud Computing, ISP environments, UNIX-like servers, Cluster deployments, Database and Software Engineering.

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Entrepreneur, Manager, Cloud Engineer.